This collaboration originated as a subproject of the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium (NCGC), which also has projects on 8 other cancer types. It has since been extended by grants from the Cancer Society “Krafttak mot Kreft” charity, Radiumhospitalets legater, South East Health Authorities and others.

Oslo University Hospital  – Norwegian Radium Hospital treats about 80% of Norwegian patients, has an active sarcoma research community, and houses the National Competence Service for Sarcomas. I have worked there for 30 years, and established the Mesenchymal Cancer Biology Group, now taken over by Dr Jørgen Wesche, as I moved to Bergen University. However, the NoSarC collaboration continues, and in Oslo Jørgen takes care of the cell biology aspects, Leonardo A Meza-Zepeda continues the studies of sarcoma genomics, Dr Kjetil Boye is responsible for sarcoma oncology, Dr Bodil Bjerkehagen is the sarcoma reference pathologist, and from Bergen I try to pull the plans through.

We collaborate closely with the Pediatric Cancer Group at OUH – Rikshospitalet, and the sarcoma clinics at Haukeland University Hospital, St Olav University Hospital, and the University Hospital of Northern Norway.

We also have a number of international collaborations for specific subprojects, see for more information.

Current consortium members:

Haukeland Sarcoma Centre (Nina Jebsen)

Haukeland Centre for hereditary cancer (Hildegunn Vetti)

UNN University Hospital of Northern Norway (Eivind Smeland)

OUS- Radiumhospitalet Sarcoma group (Kirsten Sundby-Hall, Kjetil Boye, Bodil Bjerkehagen, Leonardo Meza-Zepeda, Ola Myklebost)

OUS – Rikshospitalet Pediatric Oncology (Heidi Glosli)

St Olavs University Hospital Sarcoma Group (Heidi Knobel)

National Competence Centre for Sarcomas (Olga Zaikova)

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